Partnering process

Copia has selected each investment partner through an extensive due diligence process involving market analysis, manager research, partnership structure (gives partners the power to choose how they engage with us) and sales implementation. We encourage all our prospective partners to conduct equally detailed research on our value proposition as we believe successful partnerships are ones where both parties contribute equally to the long term goals of a business.

Our partnership process summarised as follows;

1. Market Analysis

Copia conducts ongoing analysis of cyclical and structural market trends to identify those investment strategies for which there is likely to be sustainable future client demand. This is an important first step in our process prior to engaging with potential new partners.

2. Manager Research

Managers selected for detailed research come from a number sources including our own industry network, referrals from advisory firms and direct inquiries. Our key areas of focus include;

  • Investment returns. How have they been achieved and are they sustainable?
  • Articulation of investment process. Can the manager explain their investment process to the standard required to earn the support of prospective clients?
  • Culture. Is the culture of the manager compatible with that of Copia’s?
  • Commitment to partnership model. Does the manager fully understand and embrace the principals of a successful partnership?

3. Partnership

Structuring Our partnership model has the flexibility to accommodate a range of partnership structures. These can vary from Copia being a majority equity owner providing a full suite of services to one where we have no equity ownership and provide one core services under our licence. For us the critical consideration is how we can add value to the partnership to achieve its objectives.

4. Implementation

The final stage in our process is taking our partner’s investment capability to market. The development of the sales and marketing plan is an inclusive one, involving our internal business development team and the investment professionals Once the plan is agreed, responsibility for business growth rests entirely with Copia. Any involvement of investment managers in the sales process is agreed as part of the sales and marketing plan.