Copia Investment Partners is an independent multi-boutique investment management group.

We form partnerships with select Australian and international investment managers to establish, grow and support their boutique businesses. At the same time, we give established managers the opportunity to access and broaden their reach within Australia’s highly competitive investment market.

Today, Copia is the partner of choice of several investment managers, who together are entrusted to manage over $1.2 billion for retail and institutional investors across regions, asset classes and strategies.


Beginning our evolution as an investment manager, we know first-hand what it takes to establish and sustain a successful boutique funds management business.

By offering access to working capital, expert marketing, operations and compliance services, as well as distribution via our extensive consultant and adviser networks, we give investment managers the opportunity to:

  • grow their profile
  • build assets, and
  • ultimately, to focus solely on achieving superior outcomes for investors.


By partnering with distinctive yet complementary Australian and international investment managers and harnessing their specialist investment capabilities, we provide retail and institutional investors:

  • a central point of access to several high quality professional investors
  • investment choice and portfolio diversification opportunities across regions, asset classes and strategies, and
  • the potential to build long-term wealth.

Partnering for prosperity


Copia is the Latin word for prosperity, a meaning that underpins our aspirations for our investment manager partners and investors.


Previously a boutique investment manager, now a multi-boutique investment management group.