Copia has achieved Climate Active carbon neutral certification

“We recognise the importance of protecting our environment and are committed to reducing our footprint by achieving carbon neutrality. Gaining certification demonstrates our commitment, and is an excellent way to promote positive environmental change to our employees and stakeholders.”

What is Climate Active?

Climate Active is an ongoing partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses to drive voluntary climate action. Climate Active certification is awarded to businesses like Copia that have achieved a state of net zero emissions.

What does Carbon Neutral mean?

Carbon neutral means taking action to reduce and remove as much carbon from the atmosphere as an organisation puts into it. This results in a carbon footprint equal to zero.

How did Copia become Carbon neutrality achieved?

To become carbon neutral, Copia worked with Climate Active to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions generated by its business activity, including electricity use and travel. Copia then invested in a project that reduces emissions from the atmosphere, as a way to cancel, or offset its carbon greenhouse emissions. Specifically, Copia has invested in a bundled wind power project that provides a sustainable energy source.