Copia’s Cash Management Fund is an actively managed portfolio of term deposits offered by major Australian banks.

The Fund is suitable for investors seeking:

  • capital stability
  • regular income, and
  • same-day access to funds.
Strategy The Fund aims to capitalise on the increasing competition and changed market dynamics with the term deposit business for Australia’s major banks by investing in term deposits with a range of maturities to a maximum of 365 days.
Investment type Managed fund
Objectives To provide a return that exceeds the UBS Bank Bill Index.
Diversified mix (by issuer and duration) of term deposits
• NAB, and
• Westpac.
For each of the above major Australian banks, the single-counterparty risk exposure guideline is a maximum of 50% of the Fund portfolio. The Fund may also invest in at-call deposits to provide liquidity.
Investment time frame Short term
Risk Low