Copia Investment Partners, February 2018 - Portfolio administration, Unit registry

On 5 February 2018, Copia transitioned the unit registry of its managed funds (listed below) to OneVue, Australia’s largest managed fund administration platform.

As the responsible entity and trustee for the funds, we made the change to reflect new arrangements between NAB Asset Servicing, our previous unit registry provider, and OneVue. You can read more about OneVue here.

  • OC Premium Small Companies Fund
  • OC Dynamic Equity fund
  • OC Micro-Cap Fund
  • Vertium Equity Income Fund
  • Odey International Fund
  • Chester High Conviction Fund
  • Apollo Global Equity Fund
  • Pilgrim Global Equity Fund
  • Pilgrim DW Equities Fund


What this means for financial advisers and investors

Transitioning to OneVue brings with it some changes and new online functionality. Importantly however, there will be no change to investors’ investments with us.


Access investment information online

Financial advisers and investors can now access investment information online via OneVue’s separate investor and adviser portals, Investor Online and Adviser Online. The secure portals make it easier and more convenient to:

• View investment details
• View and download account balances
• View and download transaction histories
• View and download account statements

To log in or set up an online account, click the relevant Account Login button at the top of this page. For help, contact our Client Services team.


View and download new PDSs and forms

We have updated and reissued our PDSs and forms due to our transition to OneVue. The new documents can be found on our website soon and on the websites of our investment managers. We encourage financial advisers and investors to start using the new forms as soon as possible as we will only accept old forms until the end of March. For hard copies, contact our Client Services team.


New bank account details and postal and email addresses


What has changed New details
Address to post forms and documents Copia Investment Partners, GPO Box 804, Melbourne Vic 3001
Email to accept scanned forms You can now email scanned forms to
New bank account details (All funds except the Chester High Conviction Fund) National Nominees Limited ANF Copia Investment Partners Ltd – Copia Application Account
BSB 083 043 Account number 717649704
Bank account details (Chester High Conviction Fund only) National Nominees Limited ANF Copia Investment Partners Ltd – Chester Application Account
BSB 083 043 Account number 717030688


Other details, such as our phone and fax numbers, remain the same.


More information

For more information about OneVue or setting up an online account, download our user guide or contact our Client Services team.

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