Founded in 1991 by Crispin Odey, Odey Asset Management is a highly regarded UK-based investment firm managing funds across global and European strategies.

Our partnership with Odey began in 2011. To broaden our offering and give investors access to the renowned investment capabilities of Crispin Odey and his highly rated global portfolio, we partnered with Odey and modelled an Australian investment solution on his flagship and longest-running strategy, Odey European Inc.

Strategy Global equities and equity-related securities
Inception 1991
Lead Crispin Odey, Chief Investment Officer
Location London, United Kingdom
Offering Retail managed funds
Institutional mandates


Crispin Odey
Founder, Chief
Investment Officer

James Hanbury
Partner, Co-Head of
Researcher, Portfolio

Tim Bond
Partner, Chief
Economist, Portfolio


Global long/short, absolute-return portfolio with a European bias

Portfolio of diversified and uncorrelated sources of alpha

Proven strategy that has delivered investors over two decades of strong returns across a range of market cycles


Prices at 11/06/2021 Application Price Net Asset Value Redemption Price Unit Price History
Odey International Fund 0.634716 0.632817 0.630919 Click Here


To 31 May 2021 1 Mth 3 Mths 6 Mths 1 Yr 3 Yrs (p.a.) 5 Yrs (p.a.) Since incep (p.a.)
Odey International Fund 2.3% 8.4% 27.3% 5.9% 3.4% -5.1% -6.4%
MSCI World Index Daily TR Net Local 1.0% 8.5% 15.5% 36.9% 13.9% 13.9% 10.9%
Outperformance 1.3% -0.1% 11.8% -31% -10.5% -19% -17.3%

* Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

The Total Returns of the Odey International Fund over specified periods are shown in the above table. This table contains information regarding Total Returns to the date specified. Total Returns are calculated after taking into account performance fees. A performance fee equal to 20.5% (including GST net of RITC) of the annual return on the Fund (if that return is positive for the given calendar year and subject to a high water mark) is payable out of the assets of the Fund.  The Total Return performance figures quoted are historical, calculated using end of month mid prices and do not allow the effects of income tax or inflation. Total Returns assume the reinvestment of all distributions. The performance is quoted net of all fees and expenses. The Indices do not incur these costs. This information is provided for general comparative purposes. Positive returns, which the Funds are designed to provide, are different regarding risk and investment profile to index returns.