Like you, we are discerning when it comes to choosing a partner. We look for talented investment professionals who offer compelling and competitive investment capabilities.

For us, the following attributes have proven to be the cornerstone of successful, long-term partnerships:

Commitment to growth, commitment to the Australian market

Australia’s investment market is competitive and highly regulated. Many investment managers have entered and left perhaps lacking the commitment or backing to build momentum. This can erode investor confidence and damage reputations and relationships.

When evaluating a prospective investment manager, we look for your desire and patience to grow your business over the long term.


Shared values, cultural fit

A spirit of open collaboration is widely recognised as the hallmark of a successful partnership, and we place a high value on collegiate, transparent and synergistic working relationships.

We pride ourselves on partnering with like-minded, team-oriented professionals who share similar values and appreciate the role we play in building your business.


Distinct, yet complementary investment capabilities

We look not only at your specialist investment capabilities, but holistically at our offering.

We seek investment managers whose strategies complement those we already have available to remove internal conflicts and to offer investors greater depth and breadth of investment choice.


Proven track record of generating alpha

Proof of your investment management capabilities is critical.

Asset consultants, researchers and ratings agencies need tangible evidence of the success of your philosophy and process as it their assessment of your capabilities that can play a vital role in your success. Prospective investors also need comfort in your abilities.