Vertium Asset Management is our specialist Australian equity income manager focused on delivering investors regular income with less risk and long-term capital growth relative to the Australian share market.

Founded in 2017 by Jason Teh, Vertium brings extensive and proven expertise managing Australian equity income portfolios.

The team’s highly rated flagship portfolio, the Vertium Equity Income Fund, is designed for investors seeking lower-risk equity market exposure or those drawing down on their savings.

Strategy Australian equity income
Inception 2017
Lead Jason Teh, Chief Investment Officer
Location Sydney, Australia
Offering Retail managed funds
Institutional mandates


Jason Teh
Chief Investment Officer

Tomas 2

Tomas Vasquez
Portfolio Manager
Equity Analyst

Daniel Mueller
Portfolio Manager/
Equity Analyst

Trent Crawley
Equity Analyst


Large-cap Australian companies, equity income focus