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Copia is a gateway to access investment experts

Copia Investment Partners is an independent investment management group.

We form partnerships with select Australian and international investment managers to establish, grow and support their boutique businesses. At the same time, we give established managers the opportunity to access and broaden their reach within Australia’s highly competitive investment market.

Today, Copia is the partner of choice of several investment managers, who together are entrusted to manage investments for retail and institutional clients across regions, asset classes and strategies.

Copia's investment solutions cover a range of investor needs including wealth creation (via equity strategies), retirement equity income, as well as environmental impact. Copia’s investment partners include: OC Funds Management (Australian small companies), Chester Asset Management (Australian equity), ECP Asset Management (Australian Equity), Artisan Partners (Global equity - small and mid caps), TT International (Global equity - environmental impact), Mutual Limited (cash, fixed income and credit) and HSBC Asset Management (global listed infrastructure).

Our journey

The Copia business model was formed in 2000 as part of Opis Capital, an Australian equity fund manager. In 2009 the firm established itself as an independent service provider to other fund managers, before rebranding itself as Copia Investment Partners in 2014. Copia is privately owned with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


We are very selective about who we partner with.

That’s because we want to find and collaborate with talented fund managers, while bringing to market the most contemporary and relevant products possible that solve for investor needs.

Our managers know how to manage money and we know what investors want. It’s a compelling proposition for Australian investors when we bring these two skills together.

— Sam Baillieu, CEO  

How your investments are managed

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Carbon Neutral

Copia has achieved Climate Active carbon neutral certification

“We recognise the importance of protecting our environment and are committed to reducing our footprint by achieving carbon neutrality. Gaining certification demonstrates our commitment, and is an excellent way to promote positive environmental change to our employees and stakeholders.”


Our specialist service teams

 Our specialist teams support our investment partners so they can focus wholly on managing your investments.

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