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Our investment partners


Whether you are an investor or financial adviser seeking wealth creation, retirement income or social impact, you can access specialist professional investment teams through a Copia fund. Our investment partners are chosen for their performance capabilities and specific skill sets, which set them apart from other core or passive investment strategies that are designed to replicate or closely match market benchmarks.

All managers

Artisan Partners


Access Global Small and Mid Caps

Artisan Partners is a global investment management firm that provides a broad range of high value-added investment strategies in growing asset classes to sophisticated clients around the world.

The Artisan Global Discovery Strategy is now available to Australian investors through the Artisan Global Discovery Fund, offered by Copia. The Fund invests in companies on the cusp of a compelling profit cycle, as they progress from upstart to a professionally-managed enterprise with strong competitive advantages.

Chester Asset Management


Build Generational Wealth

Chester Asset Management was founded to help investors protect and then grow generational wealth. Formed in 2017, Chester is a dedicated high conviction equity fund manager led by Portfolio Manager Rob Tucker. 

The Chester name represents a life-long commitment to staying curious, a deep passion for investing and building generational wealth.

ECP Asset Management


High Conviction Growth

ECP Asset Management was established in Sydney in 2012, with the founders having a successful track record at a previous fund manager. The investment team has a diverse array of experience both internationally and across industries.

The ECP Growth Companies Fund is a high conviction Australian equities portfolio that is highly concentrated, holding between 25 and 30 stocks at any time.


Mutual Limited

Cash and Fixed Income

Established in 2010, Mutual Limited is a cash, credit and fixed income investment manager based in Australia and independently owned. Mutual Limited manage a range of cash and fixed income investment strategies designed to suit a range of investor return objectives and risk appetites.

Mutual Limited has a long-term track record of performance and reliability across its investment strategies.


OC Funds Management

Australian Equities Specialists | Mid-Cap, Small-Cap, Micro-Cap

OC Funds Management is a highly-rated Australian mid, small and micro-cap fund manager established in 2000. OC recently reached its 21st anniversary of investing in Australian small companies. 

The OC Premium Small Companies Fund invests in small to mid-cap Australian listed companies, while the OC Micro-Cap Fund invests in companies  with a market capitalisation of below $500m at purchase.

TT International


Environmental Impact Investing

TT International is a global asset manager specialising in long-only equity and alternative strategies. TT has offices in London, New York and Hong Kong. 

The TT Global Environmental Impact Fund is a pure play environmental strategy, investing in listed global equities. The Fund aims to have more than 80% of capital invested in companies where environmental solutions account for at least 50% of revenue or profits, with one-third of TT's management fees donated to environmental charities.

HSBC Asset Management


Infrastructure Equity

The HSBC Global Infrastructure Equity Fund is an actively managed portfolio of 30-45 global infrastructure stocks that aims to provide long term total return while maintaining a focus on sustainability and ESG factors. Infrastructure assets include public and private physical structures and facilities which are necessary for the core stability and growth of any economy, developed or developing, by providing essential services to society.

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