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Copia partnership model explained

How Copia investment partnerships work for you

In order to provide you with the opportunity to invest with a specialist fund manager, Copia first establishes an investment partnership between itself and the fund manager (investment manager).

This involves the creation of a unit trust fund that will allow investors to purchase units in a larger portfolio. The portfolio is generally much larger than an individual investor’s amount because it combines the investments of all investors in that fund.


That makes running the portfolio much more efficient and cost effective. The fund’s investments are selected by the fund manager, not Copia.


The unit trust structure allows average investors to access fund managers that would typically only be available to large institutional clients.


Copia acts as a Responsible Entity for the funds, which provides certain legal protections for investors and disclosures to the regulator ASIC. Copia also acts as a central point of contact for investors, providing high level administration, client servicing, compliance and operations. Copia also undertakes distribution and marketing.


Copia’s work in the partnership allows each fund manager to focus on investing for clients, and that helps maximise the opportunity to generate investment returns.  

How your investments are managed


View our Investment Partners

Our investment partners are chosen for their performance capabilities and specific skill sets. 

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