Copia Investment Partners Ltd (Copia) is an Australian public company. It holds an Australian Financial Services Licence No 229316, which permits it to act as a responsible entity for retail managed investment schemes and as a trustee for wholesale schemes.

Copia has appointed the following as its authorised representatives:

  • Chester Asset Management Pty Ltd – Authorised Representative (AR) No: 001254467
  • Julian Bernard Kingsley Sutton – AR No: 000422206
  • OC Funds Management Pty Ltd – AR No: 001271226
  • OC Microcap Pty Ltd – AR No: 001271227
  • Ralton Asset Management Pty Ltd – AR No: 001271225
  • Vertium Asset Management Pty Ltd – AR No: 001258758

Copia has seven registered managed investment schemes, each established by a  constitution registered with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission  and offered through a product disclosure statement:

  • Chester High Conviction Fund
  • Copia Cash Management Fund
  • OC Dynamic Equity Fund
  • OC Micro-Cap Fund
  • OC Premium Small Companies Fund
  • Odey International Fund
  • Vertium Equity Income Fund

Copies of the scheme constitutions are available on request.

For the Odey International Fund, all scheme assets are invested in the Odey Swan Fund, which is managed by Odey Asset Management LLP (Odey). Odey is not part of the Copia Group.

The Copia board has a majority of independent directors.

In addition to in-house Risk and Compliance, Copia has also appointed Compliance & Risk Services Pty Ltd, which is an independent risk and compliance firm, to help it to meet its legal and regulatory obligations.

Ernst and Young (E&Y) audits both Copia and its registered schemes. E&Y also undertakes a GS007 assurance audit for the OC Funds Management business involved in providing mandate services under contract to financial institutions.