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Copia partners with TT International, launches environmental impact fund

Copia Investment Partners has announced an Australian distribution partnership with TT International, a global asset manager currently offering 12 investment strategies with over AU$17 billion in assets under management.

  • It is a new fund for Australian investors providing exposure to companies that tackle environmental problems

  • One-third of TT International’s management fees are donated to environmental charities

  • An independent Research Advisory Board of leading environmental experts helps to challenge, inform, advise and connect the investment team

On 1 July 2021, Copia launched the TT Global Environmental Impact Fund (the Fund), which invests in a global equity portfolio with 30-40 stocks. Copia is the exclusive distributor of the Fund in Australia, while the portfolio is managed by TT’s Environmental Solutions team based in London and Hong Kong.

The Fund aims to generate strong long-term returns by investing in the leading global structural growth theme – the green transition. Each company in the Portfolio must produce products or services that tackle an environmental problem. The Fund aims to have at least 80% of invested capital in companies where environmental solutions account for over 50% of revenues or profits.

The Fund also seeks to have a direct positive impact, with one-third of all TT International’s management fees to be donated to selected environmental charities in Australia. Current charities supported by the Fund include a UK-based woodland conservation charity and Heal Rewilding.

The Fund has a genuinely global approach. TT’s world-class team of analysts have many years of experience researching companies across the globe, including in Emerging Markets, where TT has a market leading strategy. Consequently, the Fund has exposure to many exciting companies in Asia and Latin America.

Sam Baillieu, Chief Executive Officer of Copia welcomed the partnership noting “We’re delighted to join with TT and offer Australian investors an exciting and differentiated environmental proposition. TT is committed to making an environmental impact, both through its investment choices and direct charitable allocations. We believe TT will appeal to Australian investors that want to make a difference to the global environment while still pursuing their own long-term performance objectives.”

An independent Research Advisory Board works with the 10-person investment team and provides an additional layer of scrutiny and insight on the Portfolio investment decisions. The Board consists of four leading environmental policymakers and experts such as Dr Ma Jun, a key green policy adviser in China and Co-Chair of the G20 Green Finance Study Group.

Matt Mason, Co-Head of Global Sales at TT said, “We are excited to be partnering with a proven fund distributor that will help us bring our unique environmental impact solution to Australian investors. We are impressed with Copia’s distribution strategy and strong networks in the financial advice channel that complements our investment capability and existing institutional relationships across Australia.”

The performance objective of the Fund is to outperform the MSCI All Country World Index NTR AUD by at least 2% per annum after fees, over three-year periods. The Fund’s global equity portfolio strategy, managed by TT’s Environmental Solutions, has been in operation for a year and has delivered strong performance against its benchmark.

Copia will be seeking to have the Fund rated by research houses and included on major platforms as part of its distribution strategy.

Copia has six investment partners: OC Funds Management (Australian small companies), Vertium Asset Management (Australian equity income), Chester Asset Management (high conviction Australian mid-cap), ECP Asset Management (high conviction growth Australian equities), Artisan Partners (global small and mid-cap equities) and TT International (global equity environmental impact).


This information has been prepared by Copia Investment Partners Limited (AFSL 229316 , ABN 22 092 872 056) the issuer, distributor and responsible entity of the TT Global Environmental Impact Fund. This document provides information to help investors and their advisers assess the merits of investing in financial products. We strongly advise investors and their advisers to read information memoranda and product disclosure statements carefully and seek advice from qualified professionals where necessary. The information on this document does not constitute personal advice and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. It is therefore important that if you are considering investing in any financial products and services referred to on this document, you determine whether the relevant investment is suitable for your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should also consider seeking independent advice, particularly on taxation, retirement planning and investment risk tolerance from a suitably qualified professional before making an investment decision. Neither Copia Investment Partners Limited, nor any of our associates, guarantee or underwrite the success of any investments, the achievement of investment objectives, the payment of particular rates of return on investments or the repayment of capital. Copia Investment Partners Limited publishes information on the document that is, to the best of its knowledge, current at the time and Copia is not liable for any direct or indirect losses attributable to omissions from the document, information being out of date, inaccurate, incomplete or deficient in any other way. Investors and their advisers should make their own enquiries before making investment decisions. © 2021 Copia Investment Partners Ltd.

The TT Global Environmental Impact Fund invests all or substantially all of its assets in TT Environmental Solutions Fund, a sub-fund of TT International Funds plc. TT International Asset Management Ltd (“TT International”) serves as investment manager to the Fund and is authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority. TT International is not affiliated with Copia Investment Partners. TT International does not take any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any information contained herein, or the performance of the TT Global Environmental Impact Fund offered by Copia Investment Partners. TT International disclaims any liability for any direct, indirect, consequential or other losses or damages, including loss of profits, incurred by you or by any third party that may arise from any reliance on these materials. TT International is not responsible for, nor involved in, the marketing, distribution or sales of shares or interests in the TT Global Environmental Impact Fund and is not responsible for compliance with any marketing or promotion laws, rules or regulations. No statement in this document is or should be construed as investment, legal, or tax advice given by TT International, nor is any statement an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any security or other instrument, or an offer to arrange any transaction, or to enter into legal relations with TT International. Past performance by any other funds or accounts advised by TT International, including the TT Environmental Solutions Fund, is not indicative of any future performance by the TT Global Environmental Impact Fund


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