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TT International named Responsible Investment Leader 2023

Global fund manager TT International has been named a Responsible Investment Leader by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA).

In its 2023 Benchmark Report RIAA scored TT in the top 20% of 272 investment managers surveyed. To qualify as a Responsible Investment Leader, an investment manager must score in the top 20%.

TT Global Environmental Impact Fund is a global equity portfolio that invests in 30-40 companies where environmental solutions account for most of their revenue or profit. The Fund seeks to address seven key environmental themes: clean energy, efficiency, clean transport, forestry & agriculture, water, responsible consumption, and recycling.

RIAA assigns a score for each investment manager based on four pillars:

  1. Coverage of and commitment to responsible investing and transparency

  2. Enhancing risk management through explicit and systematic consideration of ESG factors and other screens, including their reporting

  3. Being strong stewards for more sustainable and resilient assets and markets

  4. Allocating capital to benefit stakeholders and contribute to solutions as well as measuring and reporting outcomes.

Being a Responsible Investment Leader recognises an investment manager’s whole organisation attributes as a responsible investor.

The TT Global Environmental Impact Fund is distributed exclusively in Australia by Copia and is represented on major platforms including BTPanorama, Hub24, NetWeath and Praemium.


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