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Wealth Creation | Managed Funds

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

The goal of long-term wealth creation is to increase the value of your investment portfolio over time, to help you meet your long-term investment objectives and provide you with greater financial security.

Equity-based funds are often a key element in a wealth creation strategy, because they generally offer the prospect of capital growth as the companies they invest in grow their own profits and balance sheets.

However, not all equity funds are the same, and you should read the information about each of Copia's wealth creation styled funds to understand the nature of each fund's investment strategy, investments and risks.

For example, some Copia equity funds can invest globally, while others are Australia-only. Others can invest in large listed companies, while others focus on mid-sized or even smaller-sized companies.

While equity funds can provide excellent growth potential they can carry increased risk and capital volatility, particularly in the short term. Adopting a longer time horizon can reduce or manage this short-term risk.

Copia's Wealth Creation Providers


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