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Lonsec Symposium | Passive vs Active: Which is right for the environment?

We were pleased to be part of a panel discussion at the Lonsec 2023 Symposium, focusing on the merits of active and passive investing. The session was hosted by Brook Sweeney from Lonsec, with Rob Tucker from Chester Asset Management on the active side, and Cameron Gleeson from Betashares on the passive and smart beta side. We hope the session was informative for the audience and thank Sara Rawis and the Lonsec team for hosting a great event.

Rob highlighted the challenges index strategies have in terms of the allocation to the most expensive stocks and lack of adequate industry diversification when it comes to the ASX, while also discussing the advantage of active management in terms of fundamental analysis that will support the potential for outperformance in the future. This is a key focus for the investment team managing the Chester High Conviction Fund, distributed by Copia Investment Partners.


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