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Our funds enable you to access high quality investment managers, professional portfolio management as well as diversification opportunities across regions, asset classes and strategies.

Global Small and Mid Caps

Global small and mid-cap companies poised to grow their profitability.

Global Infrastructure Equity

Attractive risk-adjusted returns from a growing asset class

Environmental Impact Investing

Backing companies where environmental solutions account for most of the revenue or profit​.

High Conviction Australian Equities

Gain access to outstanding Australian investment opportunities.

Cash and Fixed Income

Reliable income solutions with a focus on capital stability.

High Growth Australian Equities

A concentrated portfolio of companies offering outstanding long-term potential.

Australian Equities Specialists | Mid-Cap, Small-Cap, Micro-Cap

One of the longest running small-caps specialist Fund Managers in Australia

Meet the Manager

Chester Asset Management

Discover the formula behind Chester's award-winning success and their unique approach to preserving and growing wealth.

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