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From Australian equities to global investments, we offer the opportunity to invest across regions, strategies and asset classes.

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Copia is an independent multi-boutique investment management group.

We partner with select investment managers to establish, grow and support successful boutique businesses, while harnessing their unique capabilities for the benefit of investors.

Between 2010 and 2018 San Francisco has been one of the fastest growing regions of America with an ~36% increase in jobs created, fuelled by the Silicon Valley boom. This compares to ~14% increase in total number of jobs in the US across the same period [1]. As Tony Montana taught us “first you get. Read more...

If you thought building a retirement portfolio with interest rates at 1% was challenging enough, brace yourself for a new gauntlet being thrown down by our Canberra legislators. In a move that’s likely to change the way retirement portfolios are designed, the Federal Government is introducing a retirement income covenant that will require superannuation trustees. Read more...

Financial advisers may need to consider allocating more to defensive equity strategies for retiree clients to defend their income, according to Vertium Asset Management, a Copia investment partner. In its June quarter research paper, the equity income fund manager compared the past seven share market corrections during global slowdowns since 1990 to the most recent. Read more...

“We firmly believe in the multi-boutique partnership model. We believe it encourages a focused approach to investing, creating an environment where investment managers can prosper and ultimately, achieve superior outcomes for investors.”

Sam Baillieu
Chief Executive Officer